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Price List

Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
BTY Deluxe Garden Soil 48.00
BTY Garden Soil Multi-Purpose 36.00
BTY Lawn Mix 36.00
Please see soil disclaimer below
Fill Soil 10.00
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
Fish Compost: Organic based rich compost soil amender (Not Soil). Great for adding nutrition to your existing soil, great for veggie and flower gardens. 80.00
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
Fish Mulch: Landscapers choice dark Fish mulch 60 % Adder mulch 40 % fish compost. This product is great for mulching gardens for weed control and adding nutrition to your soil at the same time. $59.00
Bark Mulch Red Fine Fir 36.00
Bark Mulch Medium Coarse Fir 36.00
Dark medium-fine aged Alder Bark Organic product , suppresses weeds, nitrogen rich, non toxic and enriches soil. 37.00
Spaghetti Hog / Mulch 25.00
Screened Cedar Chips 37.00
Crushed aggregates
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
1/4 Minus Screenings (Pathway Blend) 47.50
3/4 Minus Road Base 34.00
3 Inch Minus 32.50
1/2 Clear Crush 50.00
3/4 Minus Clear Crush 45.00
1 1/2 Minus Clear Crush 45.00
Recycled Asphalt Road Base (delivery only) 34.00
1/2 inch clear Salt and Pepper 90.00
Round aggregates
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
3/8 Pea Gravel 60.00
3/4 Minus Drain Rock 55.00
1 1/2 Drain Rock 55.00
1 1/2 to 3 inch Decorative River Stone 55.00
1 1/2 to 3 inch Decorative Beach Stone 55.00
2″ to 6″ River Stone 60.00
6″ to 12″ River Stone (when available) 95.00
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
C33 Washed Course Sand 45.00
Screened Fill Sand 38.00
Screened Lawn Top Dressing Sand – natural screened sand with a slight natural organic soil base 85% sand. $39.00
3/4 Naavy Jack Concrete Mix 55.00
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
Mason Rock (Rock Wall Rock) 45.00
Boulders 1-3 foot 30.00
Mason Sand-Stucco (delivery only) 45.00
Over Size Round Stone Price Per Stone
Local Seasonal Xmas Trees 10.00 and Up
Product Name Photo Cost/Yard
Local Seasonal Xmas Trees 10.00 and Up
Delivery Rates (one product) Cost
Local Delivery Aggregate 1-3 yrd 65.00
Local Delivery Aggregate over 3-6 yrd 75.00
Local Delivery Aggregate over 6-12 yrd 95.00
Local Delivery Soil / Mulch 1-5 yrd 65.00
Local Delivery Soil / Mulch over 6-9 yrd 75.00
Local Delivery Soil / Mulch over 9-20 yrd 95.00
Local Delivery Soil / Mulch / Aggregates Larger amounts, call for rates
Services Photo Cost/Hour
TB 138 Excavator with Operator 88.00
TB 138 Excavator 556 Breaker 164.00
GMC 7500 Gravel Truck 78.00
Slinger service is available Call
Deliveries Monday thru Saturday. Please book in advance to assure your product will be delivered in time for your project. NB: aggregate delivery rates apply to lawn soil delivery
Contractor Discounts Available
Delivery Zones: Metchosin , Sooke , East Sooke , Langford , Colwood , Highlands
View Royal , Esquimalt , Victoria, Oak Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Shawnigan Lake, and Cobble Hill.
Some restrictions do apply
Due to high vehicle volume on Saturday’s, small container fills will be allowed Monday to Friday and Sunday’s only during our peak season, March thru June. Thank you for your understanding.
Soil Disclaimer:Bulk soil may contain small pieces of glass, pvc and other small waste objects. Soil is a product of our environment and as a bulk produced item we do not have the ability to completely screen out these materials. It’s very rare that such objects are included in your soil, however, it is recommended that you take the precaution of using hand protection when handling. If this is a concern, bagged soil would be the answer but take note that Bulk soil ranges from $34.00 to $55.00 per yard; bagged soil ranges $80.00 to $160.00 per yard based on one cubic foot per bag. Thanks, BTY.
gravel pail The price for a five gallon pail is based on the yard price. For example, if the yard price is from $30.00 to $45.00 the pail price is $ 2.50 per pale. Over $45.00 to $55.00 $3.00 per pail and over $55.00 to $70.00 $3.50 per pail.
Happy Customer Christmas Trees
weed-be-gone mix Christmas Trees

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